How Do You Jelq?

A photo that shows the proper OK formation to use with your right hand when jelqing. From the Jelqing Forum.

Like the definition of jelqing, the act of jelqing is actually quite simple as well.

You’ll just be “milking” your penis with your hand in the “Okay” formation.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginners should take this as a general guide.  PLEASE read this along with other guides when starting a jelqing program so as to ensure safe teqniques.  Please also consult visual aids such as images and videos. and it’s owners assume no responsibility for any injury you may experience while improperly carrying out a jelqing program.  We merely provide this site and forum as a guide and as a community to exchange safe ideas.  We are not doctors and do not provide this site and forum to provide medical advice.

Also, please keep in mind that jelqing is no different than any other exercise regimen.  You will need to jelq regularly (every day after you have control of your technique) and likely will not see results for a month or even months.  But, you will see them.  Don’t just start and then get frustrated after a week if you haven’t seen any changes!!  Keep at it and treat it with consistency and patience.

Priapus-Priapos-Greek-Fertility God-Oversized-Huge-Large-Penis

Priapus-Priapos-Greek-Fertility God-Oversized-Huge-Large-Penis

We Jelq so that we can all end up like Priapus / Priapos!

Let’s Get Started!

Take Measurements

Take them before you begin this regimen and keep taking them as time goes on.  Measure both the length and the width/girth, as both will increase.

The Warm Up

Jelqing needs to be preceded by a warm up of the penis.  The ‘warm-up’ helps to put the penis in a state normally done via biological processes.  You will literally apply heat to your penis for around five minutes.   The way you do this doesn’t matter so much.  Some ideas:

  • Warm wash cloth wrapped around the penis.
  • Heating pad or pack around penis.  Make sure it wraps around it.
  • Sit in a hot bath or take a hot shower making sure to direct the warm water to the penis.


It doesn’t matter if you use KY Jelly, baby oil (and the like) or Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).  Don’t overdo it, but also don’t under do it.  You’ll need to be able to maintain a grip but not a strong one, so make sure you can still gently slide your fingers down the shaft.  You’ll get it right after a few tries.

Get Semi-Hard (Not Fully Erect)

This can be tricky.  Some say your hardness should be about half of that of a full erection but not over ¾ hard.  So, somewhere between semi-soft and semi-hard.

Create the “Okay” Symbol with Your Hand and Find Your Starting Grip

Pretend that your buddy just asked if you want to get a beer later and you replied with the OK symbol .  Just like in this picture, you’ll be joining your thumb to your index finger.  It doesn’t matter which hand.  Next, find your pubic bone or the hardness at the base of penis and wrap the OK around the base.

A photo that shows the proper OK formation to use with your left hand when jelqing. From the Jelqing Forum.A photo that shows the proper OK formation to use with your right hand when jelqing. From the Jelqing Forum.

Begin the Jelqing “Milking” Motion

After placing the OK grip at the base of the penis, apply slight pressure and move your hand away from your body toward the tip of the penis GENTLY.  Again, no death grip here!  Apply light pressure but enough that you feel the tissues inside are being exercised.  Just envision “milking” the penis.

MAKE SURE TO STOP RIGHT BEFORE YOU REACH THE HEAD OF THE PENIS.  YOU WILL NOT MILK THE HEAD.  You’ll know you found the proper speed when you perform a full jelq in about 3 seconds

Switch Hands on Every Jelq Stroke or Rep

You’ll want to switch hands on every jelq stroke or rep.  Get into a grove so that when one hand reaches the penis head the other hand is on the base getting ready to “milk.”

How Many Jelq Reps Per Session?

In terms of numbers of reps per session, you’ll want to find your comfort range here, but for beginners you’ll not want to exceed 120 reps per session.  A session should not exceed 30 minutes.  Once you hit two weeks, this can increase to 200 reps/session.  Three weeks 300, and so on.

How Many Days Per Week?

At first, don’t overdo it.  Jelq for a day then take a break.  Let your penis recover from this new work out.  With time you’ll be able to increase the number of days with the potential of jelqing every day.  Work into this slowly and you’ll eventually find your comfort zone.

Well, Get to It!

It’s time to get jelqing!  Good luck, stay smart and safe, and consult the Jelqing Forum with any questions, concerns, and of course, success stories! You can do it!

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Warm It, Lube It, Milk It, and Watch it Grow!



Pretty Soon They’ll be Calling You Priapus!